Crimes of Cobb: mom was DUI with child in car

This is a roundup of recent crimes of note in Cobb County. It is based on arrest warrants, police reports and jail records. At this point, these are allegations by law enforcement.

This is a roundup of recent crimes of note in Cobb County. It is based on arrest warrants, police reports and jail records. At this point, these are allegations by law enforcement.

This is a roundup of recent crimes of note in Cobb County. It is based on arrest warrants, police reports and jail records. At this point, these are allegations by law enforcement.

Assistant manager steals cash from restaurant

A woman working as an assistant manager at Moe’s Southwest Grill was charged with theft by taking for allegedly stealing $988 in cash from the store at 280 Cobb Parkway South, Suite 30 in Marietta.

According to a Cobb County warrant, the woman entered the restaurant following her shift on Feb. 9 and took two envelopes containing bank deposits for Feb. 8 and Feb. 9. The woman, who did not return to work following the alleged theft, did not have permission to take the money from the restaurant’s safe, a store manager said.

As of Monday, Feb. 25, jail records show she has not been booked in to the Cobb County Detention Center. She is charged with one count of felony theft by taking.

Man kicked out of bar said cops treated him ‘like a child’

A drunk patron who was kicked out of a bar for using loud, profane language called 911 dispatchers to complain the police called to the scene “were treating him like a child.”

After the man was tossed from the restaurant around 1:20 a.m. Feb. 16, he remained in the parking lot of Jimmy Mac’s at 3205 Canton Road in Marietta.

Police arrived at the restaurant and tried to find the man a ride home. However, he placed a call to 911 dispatchers to complain about the treatment he was receiving. Police placed the man in handcuffs, and tried to place him in the back of the patrol car.

Once inside the car, the man stretched out his right leg to block the vehicle’s door from closing. When officers placed him in a larger car, the man stretched out on the backseat so his head prevented the door from closing. Police were able to shift his body so they could close the door. The man was taken to jail where he could sleep off his alleged alcohol-induced behavior. He was released the next day on a $4,070 bond.

Man posts explicit video of woman on adult website

A Kennesaw man was charged with computer posts/invasion of privacy after he allegedly posted an explicit video of a woman on a pornographic website. Warrants state the man uploaded the video early Feb. 16 on a website “against the victim’s will.”

He also told the victim he would not remove the video unless she met with him. Police also charged him with possession of marijuana after a small amount of weed was found in his left jacket pocket. Cobb police booked the suspect into jail on Feb. 16 and he remains held with a $4,070 bond.

Loud music leads to fight inside home

An arrest warrant was issued for a man accused of hitting another person during an argument over loud music. Around 4 a.m. Feb. 17, the accused confronted another man in the family room at a home on Weston Drive in Powder Springs about music “being too loud,” according to warrants.

The alleged victim dismissed the complaint, and the accused “struck the victim on the left side of his head by his ear” before leaving the home on foot. The victim suffered a cut on his head. Jail records show the accused, charged with one count of aggravated assault, has not turned himself in to authorities.

Mother drove drunk with child, 12, inside car

Police arrested a woman accused of driving under the influence on I-75 with her 12-year-old daughter in the car. Cobb police alleged the woman’s speed varied between 65 and 88 mph while they observed her. She also “left her lane of travel twice and was weaving within her lane,” according to the arrest warrant.

Cops pulled her over around 1:40 a.m. Feb. 17 at the Wade Green Road exit, and she allegedly admitted to drinking three alcoholic beverages, and a breathalyzer showed she had a blood alcohol content of .124 - the legal limit is 0.08. Her daughter was a front-seat passenger at the time of the traffic stop. The driver was charged with DUI, child endangerment, failure to maintain lane and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. She was released from the Cobb County Detention Center on a $5,170 bond.

Man charged with rioting after spitting on fellow inmate  

An argument between two inmates at the city of Smyrna’s jail led to one of the men spitting on the other.

The pair were arguing Feb. 19 in the A-pod at the jail when one of the inmates spat on the other, according to Cobb County warrants. The perpetrator of flying saliva then resumed a fighting stance with this target. Jailers were able to break up the ruckus before it turned violent. The man who launched his assault using his bodily fluids was charged with rioting in a penal institution.

Angry go-kart driver hits fellow racer with helmet  

A patron racing go-karts at Andretti Indoor Karting and Games allegedly used a helmet to hit another driver he claimed bumped into him during a race.

The driver confronted the other racer after completing the course and accused him of bumping his kart during a race. According to warrants, the man denied having done it, but the driver demanded an apology from him.

The man on the receiving end of the accusations turned to walk away, and the accused removed his helmet from his head and struck the man in the head while he was retreating. The alleged assailant left the premises, but warrants have been issued by Marietta police for his arrest on one count of aggravated assault.

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