Cobb’s black, Latino population rises; number of whites drops slightly

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Credit: Jonathan Phillips

Credit: Jonathan Phillips

The latest U.S. Census Bureau figures on the racial makeup of counties tells many Cobb County residents what they already know: their neighbors are becoming more diverse.

The Bureau Thursday released new population estimates for counties that also provides a glimpse into the ethnic and racial makeup of these areas.

Cobb County grew by about 10 percent from 2010 to 2018, from 689,528 to 756,865. Cobb’s population in 2017 was 752,783.

The county’s white population grew by less than 5,000, or 1 percent, from 2010 to 2018. There were 399,857 Cobb residents who identified as white in 2010. That number rose to 405,989 in 2017, but dropped to 403,906 in 2018.

Cobb’s black population grew by more than 37,000, or 22 percent, from 2010 to 2018, the largest spike among racial and ethnic groups. There were 170,239 black residents in Cobb in 2010. That number swelled to 204,921 in 2017 and climbed higher to 207,921 in 2018, census figures show.

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The Latino population in Cobb grew by about 15,000 residents, or 18 percent, from 2010 to 2018. Census data also shows this group is also fewer than 200 people shy from reaching 100,000. Cobb had 99,824 residents identify as Latino in 2018, up from 97,698 in 2017 and 84,589 in 2010.

Hispanic and Latino population counts can overlap with other demographic groups because they are considered ethnic identifiers, not a race; you can mark on Census forms that you are a race like white, black or Asian, and also denote that you are Hispanic or Latino.

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The Asian population surged by more than 10,000 residents from 2010 to 2018, or 32 percent. Cobb had 31,847 people who identified as Asian in 2018. That number grew to 41,020 in 2017. It saw another bump to 42,068 in 2018.

Native Americans in Cobb were 1,289 in 2018, a slight bump from 1,281 in 2017. However, that’s still lower than 1,359 that were in Cobb in 2010.

Cobb’s racial composition is 53 percent white, 28 percent black, 13 percent Latino, 6 percent Asian and less than one percent Native American.

-- Newsroom Data Specialist Jennifer Peebles contributed to this report.

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