Burger King’s Impossible Whopper will soon be served in this Georgia city

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Burger King's Vegetarian 'Impossible Whopper' to Be Sold Nationwide

Burger King has made the Impossible possible for some Georgia residents.

Burger King began testing a vegetarian Whopper made with the “veggie burger that bleeds,” as the Impossible patty is often called, in St. Louis, Missouri, in April.

» Burger King tests Whopper made with Impossible Burger

On Tuesday, the fast food chain announced it was expanding Impossible Whopper sales to some restaurants in Columbus, Georgia; Miami and Montgomery, Alabama.

The plant-based vegan patty — made of water, plant proteins, coconut oil and heme, a natural molecule that gives burgers their distinctive taste and is found in plants — is designed to look and taste like a traditional red meat burger, The AJC reported in 2017. California-based Impossible Foods has received more than $250 million in financial backing from Bill Gates, venture fund Temasek and several other businesses and celebrities.

Less than a month after the St. Louis test, Burger King announced the Impossible Whopper would be available at locations nationwide by the end of the year.

» Burger King to offer plant-based Impossible Whopper at all US locations

Impossible Foods tailored a patty specifically for the Whopper, chief executive Pat Brown told Reuters.

Burger King is the first national fast-food chain to offer the Impossible Burger.

The Impossible Whopper will cost about a dollar more than a beef Whopper, CNBC reported, adding that Finazzo said research found that customers don't mind paying more and like the plant-based burger for its health benefits.

If you don't mind getting out of your car and eating in a restaurant, you can already try the Impossible Burger here in Atlanta at one of 11 places.

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