‘Breakdown’ S04, Ep. 2: Two key witnesses change their stories


ADEL, Ga. – Devonia Inman was on trial for murder in the robbery and shooting of Donna Brown, the night manager of the Taco Bell in Adel, and the prosecutor was having a tough time.

Two important prosecution witnesses had taken the stand and sworn that they’d lied when they told police Inman was involved.

“The detectives kept calling me,” one said. “I was sick of it and so I lied to stop them from bothering me.”

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The other witness said she had a personal score to settle with Inman and fabricated her statements to police to punish him.

The prosecutor took a novel tack: The witnesses told the police one story, and they’re telling the jury a different story. He had the women’s original statements to police read in court and told the jurors: Don’t believe what they’re telling you in court; believe what they first told the police.

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