Atlanta rapper T.I. joins anti-Trump protest in New York

Atlanta rapper T.I. joined thousands of protesters who took to the streets in New York Wednesday to show their disapproval of the outcome of Tuesday’s presidential election.

The night after Republican Donald Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton to become the 45th president of the United States, T.I. could be seen shaking his head in one of four Instagram videos he posted as a New York crowd shouted "she got more votes."

“The people ain’t goin for it….,” T.I. said in the caption to that video. “I’m right here wit em!!!!”

Although Clinton won the popular vote, earning 59.8 million votes to Trump’s 59. 6 million, Trump won 279 electoral votes to Clinton’s 228, making him the winner, The Associated Press reported.

There were similar protests across the country Wednesday night, including one in downtown Atlanta. One person, Alexis Mikayla Johnson, was arrested on a charge of pedestrian in the roadway, Atlanta police said.

“This ain’t supposed to be how people react soon as the election over for president,” T.I. said in one of his videos showing the crowd in Manhattan. “This ain’t what we built off of. This ain’t what we about.”

In another video, T.I. joined protesters in putting up his middle finger in front of the Trump Tower building on Fifth Avenue.

“This is ridiculous,” he said. “This is despicable.”