Atlanta mayor’s sweet potato pies get more love than her mac and cheese

Keisha Lance Bottoms is the 60th mayor of Atlanta. Outgoing Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed endorsed her to succeed him as the city’s next mayor.

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms tweeted the pies and cakes she made for Thanksgiving

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms didn’t make mac and cheese for Thanksgiving, instead being tasked with sweet potato pie.

Residents were waiting to see if she would again Tweet her mac and cheese, after last Christmas’ dish met with some disapproval online.

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Bottoms turned the viral macaroni and cheese photo into a hunger awareness campaign. Bottoms unveiled the "More than Mac" initiative on a national TV show. She said in a press release the campaign will allow people to "put your macaroni where your mouth is."

So people were naturally curious if she would try the dish again.

“For all who’s to my homemade pies, cakes, boomerang, and background music. Happy Thanksgiving! Mac N Cheese coming for Christmas!!” she tweeted Thursday afternoon.

Many of the comments were positive:

But quite a few weren’t, focusing instead on last year’s mac and cheese and New Year’s Eve.

That last tweet was no doubt referring to Bottoms’ announcement there would be no Peach Drop this year, breaking a 30-year tradition. Because the city no longer owns Underground Atlanta, “"We've had some location challenges,” she said.

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