Alpharetta has bars: 5 times Young Jeezy, others dropped it in a song

Most folks don’t think about hip-hop when they think about Alpharetta.

Tech companies, the Avalon, North Point Mall and good schools typically come to mind before rap references.

But there’s a few MC’s out there who thought this North Fulton city had enough swag to name drop it in a rhyme.

Here’s five times where rappers have mentioned the growing north of Atlanta suburb in a song:

Song: "Trump"
Artist: Young Jeezy
Album: "The Real Is Back 2" (2011)

Got a hundred put away for my lawyer fee. That's a hundred for the case: guess the lawyer was free. I'm into big boy salary it got hundreds in it. My new crib in Alpharetta, it got hundreds in it. Felt sorry for my maid, I gave that girl a raise. She say you got too many chains, I be cleaning for days.

Song: "Molasses"

Artist: Raekwon

Album: "Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang" (2011)

Holdin' my girl wedding ring, she Medellin. Name is Beretta King, live in Alpharetta and she never leave me. Flow freely this is all graffiti, the cloth we cut from. Is straight from a rich (expletive), greedy.

Song: "Cowards and Soldiers"

Artist: Gucci Mane

Album: "Mr. Zone 6" (2010)

We stomp you like the q-dogs, aka Alpha Kalpa. Gambling with a pool shark. Find yo body in Alpharetta. College Campus Kush Pack, three blunts make the party start. Don’t make me stop burning kush then start burning your body parts.

Song: "Let's Get Money"
Artist: K-Camp, featuring CyHi The Prynce
Album: "Only Way Is Up" (2015)

I feel like them Jordans, white and black 11’s. It's (expletive) up you even got to patent leather I'm a alpha, got a castle out in Alpharetta. Shawty want to kick it but I'm not Kubota. But I rather get this money, baby, now or never. Everyday I'm trying to at least make a stack or better.

Song: "On The Map"
Artist: TheSenseiBlue, featuring D.R.A.M.
Album: "The Love Dojo" (2016)

She used to stay in Florida, how long I don't remember. I live in south Atlanta, she lives in Alpharetta. She drove an hour to (expletive) me, night time and rainy weather.

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