In 2040, Gwinnett will have more Hispanics than whites, forecast says

The downtown Lawrenceville square. FILE PHOTO

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The downtown Lawrenceville square. FILE PHOTO

By 2040, Gwinnett County will have significantly more Hispanic residents than white ones.

That according to a population forecast by the Atlanta Regional Commission, an intergovernmental agency that compiles, tracks and analyzes data for 10 metro-area counties. The projection estimates that Gwinnett will add just over 300,000 Hispanic residents before 2040, bringing their share of the county's population to just over 37 percent.

Gwinnett's white population, meanwhile, would increase by about 44,000 residents but see a sharp drop percentage-wise -- from just under 41 percent in 2015 to just over 29 percent in 2040.

Gwinnett became a majority-minority county -- meaning non-white residents account for more than half of the population -- for the first time in 2010, but whites have remained the most prominent single demographic group. The ARC projection, then, represents a departure from the norm but not a wholly unexpected one.

The ARC also predicts that blacks, which currently make up about 23 percent of Gwinnett's population, will make up less than 20 percent in 2040. "Other," the only other "race" included in the forecast, is expected to stay around 13 percent over the next 25 years or so.

Gwinnett is projected to become Georgia's most populous county by 2040.