Lawsuits over DeKalb water and sewage spills settled for $275K

Credit: Mark Niesse

Credit: Mark Niesse

DeKalb County is paying a combined $275,000 to settle lawsuits by residents whose yards were flooded with water and raw sewage.

The settlements come as the county is in the middle of a $1.35 billion effort to repair its aging and spill-prone water and sewer system.

The first $150,000 payment is going to Joel and Kimberly Easley, whose property in Decatur’s Oakhurst area was swamped at least eight times since October 2015 with sewage and toilet paper.

Another $125,000 settlement goes to James Brown and Stephen Golden, neighbors outside Decatur whose properties were flooded by a water leak.

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Charles Lambert was fired for failing to report raw sewage spills.

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