Does your child attend one of the 10 Georgia schools with the most fights?

School fights aren’t uncommon, but some teachers find themselves breaking up more brawls than others.

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In fact, a recent AJC report revealed that the number of fights recorded in Georgia's public schools has risen dramatically.

The number of fights reported by schools went from 46,399 during the 2011-12 school year to 53,462 during the 2015-16 school year, a 15 percent increase, according to data from the Georgia Department of Education. Education officials say that the increase comes as the overall student population has grown and administrators have become more vigilant about reporting violence.

According to the most recent federal data available, 10 percent of Georgia public high school students said they’d been in a fight compared with 8 percent nationally. Georgia ranked eighth nationally in that category, according to the 2013 federal data.

So which schools in The Peach State had the most scuffles?

Forest Hills Academy, a non-traditional school that serves grades 6-12, reported 74 incidents per 100 students, while Woodland Middle School in Fulton County and Glenn Hills Middle School recorded 46 and 41 per 100 students, respectively.

Elementary and middle schools took many of the top 10 spots, while only two high schools made the list.

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Here are the top ten schools for most fights per 100 students:

1. Forrest Hills Academy - 74 per incidents per 100 students

2. Woodland Middle School, Fulton County - 46 per incidents per 100 students

3. Glenn Hills Middle School - 41 per incidents per 199 students

4. Harpst Academy - 40 per incidents per 100 students

5. Meadowbrook Elementary School - 38 per incidents per 100 students

6. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School - 37 per incidents per 100 students

7. Berta Weathersbee Elementary School - 35 per incidents per 100 students

8. DeKalb Alternative School - 35 per incidents per 100 students

9. Columbia Middle School - 31 per incidents per 100 students

10. Glenn Hills Elementary School - 31 per incidents per 100 students

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