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Election 2020: What to know about elections in metro Atlanta

The year 2020 will include a presidential election and a rare vote involving both of Georgia’s U.S. Senate seats, making this year a busy one for Georgia voters.

Georgia will have elections for two U.S. Senate seats in 2020 because of a special election after the announced retirement of Republican Johnny Isakson. Republican David Perdue will be running for re-election in the other Georgia Senate seat. Perdue and any challengers will appear first in the state primary election in May. Republican Kelly Loeffler, appointed to replace Isakson, will appear on a special election ballot in November to decide whether she or a challenger will serve the remaining months of Isakson’s term.

Georgia has set March 24 as the date for its 2020 presidential primary. State and local primary elections scheduled for Tuesday May 19 will include the Georgia Legislature and Georgia’s U.S. House members.

The general election, including the presidential election, will be Tuesday Nov. 3.

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