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Election 2020: What to know about elections in metro Atlanta

Georgia already had an unusual election year before the coronavirus pandemic. Now it’s unusual and complicated.

The year 2020 will include a presidential election and a rare vote involving both of Georgia’s U.S. Senate seats, making this year a busy one for Georgia voters.

The next scheduled election in Georgia is the primary runoff election on Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2020. The runoffs will settle any contests from the June 9 vote in which no candidate received a majority of the votes.

The coronavirus outbreak led to cancellation of a planned presidential primary in Georgia on March 24. The presidential primary has now been included in the state primary, and Georgia officials are urging voters to cast their ballots by mail. In addition, the date for the primary has been delayed to June 9. The original date for the state primary was May 19.

Georgia will have elections for two U.S. Senate seats in 2020 because of a special election after the announced retirement of Republican Johnny Isakson. Republican David Perdue will be running for re-election in the other Georgia Senate seat. Perdue and any challengers will appear first in the state primary election in June. Republican Kelly Loeffler, appointed to replace Isakson, will appear on a special election ballot in November to decide whether she or a challenger will serve the remaining months of Isakson’s term.

Georgia originally set March 24 as the date for its 2020 presidential primary. Early voting began March 2. The presidential primary has been postponed because of the coronavirus outbreak. It will be held as part of the state and local primary on June 9 (delayed from May 19). Votes already cast will be counted in the June primary results.

In addition to the presidential primaries in metro Atlanta, DeKalb County holds a special election for sheriff. City of Atlanta will hold a referendum on a water and sewer tax extension. These two special elections will be included now in the June 9 primary.

State and local primary elections scheduled for Tuesday June 9 will include the Georgia Legislature and Georgia’s U.S. House members. Qualifying period for candidates was March 2-6.

The general election, including the presidential election, will be Tuesday Nov. 3.

May 11: Revised voter registration deadline for Georgia's primary election
May 18: In-person early voting begins for Georgia’s primary election.
May 30: Mandatory Saturday early voting for Georgia’s general primary election
June 5: Last day for in-person early voting for Georgia’s primary election.
June 9: Primary election day (New date, postponed from March 24)
Aug. 11: Primary election runoff day

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