Dr. Sebi’s daughter honors legacy with Atlanta wellness center

Kellie Bowman, whose father was healer Alfredo Bowman, more famously known as Dr. Sebi, will open a wellness center in Atlanta.

Credit: Contributed

Credit: Contributed

Kellie Bowman, whose father was healer Alfredo Bowman, more famously known as Dr. Sebi, will open a wellness center in Atlanta.

Kellie Bowman spent a lot of time at her father’s Honduran countryside holistic retreat.

Her father was herbalist and self-proclaimed healer Alfredo Bowman, more famously known as Dr. Sebi.

Among his clients was Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, a member of the hit group TLC, who died in a vehicle accident while on a sojourn to the Central American retreat. Rapper and entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle was working on a documentary about Sebi before his shooting death in 2019. Hussle’s friend and entertainer Nick Cannon continued work on the documentary.

Now Bowman, owner of Sebi’s Daughters, plans to continue her father’s legacy with the opening of the Honduran Experience Wellness Center, 675 Metropolitan Parkway in Atlanta, which will offer products, a mini-spa, private consultations and Pilates classes. She will hold a grand opening to the public with a “Honduran Experience” from 1 to 6 p.m. Saturday. RSVPs via the website (sebisdaughters.com/pages/honduran-experience) are optional.

“I decided during COVID that I didn’t just want to offer a store,” said Bowman. “I wanted it to be a serious experience. We’ve been through so much. I wanted for people to feel that innermost natural part of themselves — to de-escalate from all the anxieties. I want to bring calm to your door.”

Sebi’s Daughters will also launch a new line of products including Sebi Sicles, a wellness frozen treat, and Candy Butter, a hair and body moisturizer.

Her controversial father, who was not a medical doctor, “left the world with a blueprint of finding out through indigenous foods how to heal your body and attain balance at the intra-cellular level,” Bowman said.

Bowman, a licensed nurse, said the most difficult and emotional part was putting together an exhibit that will honor her father, who died of complications from pneumonia in 2016 while in police custody in Honduras. According to The Associated Press, Sebi was arrested for carrying large sums of cash into the country.

She doesn’t focus on the conspiracy theories around his death; instead, she focuses on his message on healthy living and spirituality.

The exhibit, she said, will allow people to see “how he came from being Alfredo Bowman into Dr. Sebi.” It will include photos, some of the first products he developed, information about court cases, items from his hobbies that include his love of John Coltrane, and personal items “that a father had for his daughter. These artifacts are out of love and things we all kept.”

She knows everyone can’t make the trip to the Honduras property, which is still in family hands, so this project gives people the opportunity to “step back in time to the bush of Honduras where Dr. Sebi started his journey as a healer.”