Dr. Anthony Fauci denies being ‘muzzled’ by Trump administration

Dr. Anthony Fauci Denies Being, ‘Muzzled’, by Trump Administration.Newly-public emailsreveal that Dr. Anthony Faucihad little patience for claims thatTrump was restricting him fromtalking about COVID-19.Within 3,200 pages of emails between January and June 2020, Dr. Fauci was asked if he’d “been muzzled” by the former president.Dr. Fauci’s relationship withTrump was a constant sourceof speculation throughoutthe COVID-19 pandemic.Among those who questioned if Fauci was being censored was Thomas Murray, a nuclear/aerospace engineer.The news media is reporting that theWhite House has muzzled you. Is thattrue? … let me know if I should staysilent or become noisy, Thomas Murray, via 'New York Post'.Dr. Fauci adamantly responded to Murraythat he had “not been muzzled.” .Please stay silent since I have notbeen muzzled. I will be on multipleTV shows tomorrow and was on FOXthis AM. No one is censoring me, Dr. Anthony Fauci, via 'New York Post'.When asked a similar question by Mark Jay Shlomchik,Dr. Fauci affirmed that he always says “exactly what[he wants] to say based on scientific evidence.” .I say exactly what I want to say based onscientific evidence ... I could not possiblybe more public about this. No censor.No muzzle. Free to speak out, Dr. Anthony Fauci, via 'New York Post'