Traffic stop leads to an arrest in 1994 Atlanta homicide

It’s been close to 30 years since Jaffered Tucker was shot and killed at a train station in Atlanta. The man authorities say killed him is now in custody.

Muhammed Bilal El-Amin, 47, was arrested in Oconee County Tuesday during a traffic stop. During his arrest, the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office learned El-Amin had outstanding warrants for a homicide and was wanted by the Atlanta Police Department and the FBI for murder and flight to avoid prosecution for murder.

El-Amin was denied bond once the warrants came to light and is currently awaiting extradition back to Atlanta. The FBI had a reward out for his arrest and conviction since the early 2000′s, when arrest warrants were issued for his arrest in U.S. District Court on May 25, 2001.

According to the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were conducting random registration checks of vehicles when Deputy Devan Blair was informed that there was a vehicle with a suspended registration and no valid insurance. After the vehicle was stopped, Blair talked to the driver and informed him that the registration for the vehicle was suspended and he had no valid insurance.

The driver provided a South Carolina license with the name, Rais Sekhem. According to the sheriff’s office, Deputy Blair discovered that the license was suspended. The driver was asked to exit the vehicle and was arrested for suspended license, no insurance and suspended registration.

At the county jail, the man was taken to get finger printed, which resulted in the finger prints coming back under Muhammed Bilal El-Amin.

Atlanta police officers responded to the Oakland City train station on the afternoon of Nov. 27, 1994 and found Tucker with a gunshot wound to the head. Tucker was not alert, conscious or breathing when officers arrived and was pronounced dead at the scene.