Homicide investigation opened after remains ID’d as Hapeville business owner

Authorities have not confirmed if 2nd set of remains belongs to business partner

Credit: Channel 2 Action News

Credit: Channel 2 Action News

The GBI has opened a homicide investigation after human remains found in southern Fulton County last month were identified this week as a Hapeville man.

The county medical examiner’s office on Tuesday confirmed the remains as those of 39-year-old Jason Salter, who was reported missing Feb. 25 along with his friend and business partner Kenny Guerra. Salter’s body was found March 11 along with a second set of remains on a property in Chattahoochee Hills, authorities said, but that victim has yet to be identified.

“After a 51-day disappearance, we were informed that the search for Jason is over,” Salter’s cousin, Eric Lee, said during a news conference outside GBI headquarters Tuesday afternoon. “The search for justice is ongoing.”

The family said dental records helped to identify Salter’s remains. Both bodies were found on a farm in such a condition that it took several weeks for Salter’s family to learn of his fate. Guerra’s loved ones are still waiting for answers.

Salter and Guerra were last seen in East Point, according to Channel 2 Action News. The fathers, who co-owned Rockstar Lifestyle Print Shop in South Fulton, were eventually reported missing.

On Tuesday, family members said both men were special to the community and had no enemies. They noted that Salter was described by some as a prince of Atlanta.

The two were inseparable, Channel 2 reported, and loved ones said they believe they were meeting someone before they disappeared. Salter’s Nissan Altima was found in a Family Dollar parking lot, while Guerra’s BMW was discovered at a southwest Atlanta apartment complex.

“Scientists are conducting DNA processing on the second set of remains to get an identification,” the GBI said.

Salter’s family said they will be organizing and posting information about his funeral at a later date. Authorities have not publicly identified any suspects.

“There are people who know things that have yet to come forward,” Lee said. “No one in any place of America should be able to get away with something like this.”