Kerfuffle over Rick Ross’ car show concludes as Fayette officials approve permit

Event scheduled for June 3 at rapper’s estate in Fayetteville
The event is scheduled for June 3 at Rick Ross' estate in Fayetteville.

The event is scheduled for June 3 at Rick Ross' estate in Fayetteville.

The public back-and-forth between Atlanta rapper Rick Ross and the Fayette County government has concluded as the permit for the entertainer’s second annual car show was approved Friday.

Ross posted the letter from Fayette’s director of zoning and planning, Deborah Bell, informing his company that their conditional use permit had been approved. The permit was initially denied for the June 3 event in Fayetteville due to concerns over traffic, crowds and noise.

In response, Ross’ team said the event would go ahead as planned even without the permit.

“There’s no reason to stop the event,” Ross’ lawyer, Leron Rogers, previously told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “This is not approval of the event. This is whether we get a permit or not. And so there’s a consequence for not getting a permit. It’s a $1,000 fine. It’s not going to stop the show.”

In an interview Friday, Rogers characterized the approval as an administrative hiccup.

“As happens at times, you kind of have to go through the process,” he said.

Despite the apparent public disagreement between Ross’ camp and the Fayette government, Rogers said there has been cooperation throughout the planning process. The car show is only in its second year and Rogers said Ross’ team learned from the traffic issues caused by the event the first time around.

“Traffic was an issue last year, and we heard them loud and clear,” Rogers said about the neighbors who complained of traffic delays. “We’ve spent an inordinate amount of money and time and resources to alleviate that issue.”

Rogers noted that when the event’s permit was first denied, Ross’ team had agreed to work with the county’s public safety officials instead of hiring private contractors for security and emergency medical services.

“There’s been tons of cooperation since March,” Rogers said Friday. “I mean, public safety, EMS, fire, police ... They prepared and approved the traffic plan.”

The car show and rodeo will take place at Ross’ Fayetteville estate, Promise Land, on June 3 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tickets start at $325 plus fees, while car and motorcycle registrations are $750.

The county’s approval of the permit ends a public dispute with one of its most visible residents. Rogers said Ross’ team was able to talk through the issues raised by the county and even met with the Fayette zoning commissioners in person.

Even though Ross could have weathered the denial of the permit, his lawyer acknowledged that it was good business to be on the same page with county officials. As Ross once said, “A boss is all about good business.”