Alpharetta police seek man accused of punching woman in road-rage incident

Alpharetta police are searching for a man they say punched a woman in the face during a fit of road rage brought on when the woman was too slow to move at a green light.

Investigators believe the man is Fabien Perry and have asked him to turn himself in, Channel 2 Action News reported. Perry is facing several charges, including two counts of hit-and-run, one count of battery and one count of criminal trespassing for kicking the woman’s car.

The incident happened Oct. 8 when Perry was in his car behind the 53-year-old woman at the intersection of Canton Street and Mayfield Road in Alpharetta, according to Channel 2. Perry is accused of getting out of the car and cursing at the woman through her open window. At that point, a witness began recording the incident on a cellphone.

The woman tried to call 911, which caused her to miss another cycle of the traffic light, Alpharetta police spokesman Officer Jeffrey Ross said.

After missing that second green light, Perry approached the woman’s car a second time, Channel 2 reported. He first kicked the car, then punched the woman in the face through the window. Perry returned to his car and drove around the woman and through the light, hitting another car as he left.

Alpharetta police are continuing to investigate and have asked for the public’s help to locate Perry. Anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to call 678-297-6300.

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