Robbery possible motive in fatal Atlanta shooting

Police believe robbery was the motive in a shooting that killed two men inside a southeast Atlanta house.

Atlanta police Maj. Adam Lee III said during a news conference Friday a person police interviewed told them there was money at the home and that at least two alleged perpetrators were there to take it.

Police found no cash in the home but small amounts of marijuana and home surveillance video of a person of interest in the crime.

“The video footage shows a female walking up to the house approximately 30 minutes or so prior to the murder,” Lee said. “So I want to emphasize she is only a person of interest. She is not a suspect at this time, so we would like to identify her so that we can speak with her.”

Police believed one of the victims may have let the woman in the home when she came to the door.

“She didn’t knock. It looked like she was expected,” Lee said. “As she’s walking up, you see the door come open.”

Police responded to the shooting in the 2000 block of Lewis Road about 2 a.m. June 8, Lee said.

Inside the home, they found the bodies of 38-year-old Dante Sutton and 40-year-old Tavarius Robinson.

“It does not appear that either one of them shot the other,” Lee said.

The house wasn’t ransacked, and it didn’t seem like anyone tried to break in the home, he said. Officers interviewed family and friends of the victims to try to determine who would want to harm them.

The shooter remains on the loose.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta at 404-577-TIPS.