Revenge murder gets an Atlanta man life in prison

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Revenge murder gets an Atlanta man life in prison

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Cleondre Franklin
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  • Cleondre Franklin shot and killed Marvin Wiley on Sept. 10, 2015. 
  • Wiley had confronted Franklin’s family after his daughter was bullied. 
  • Franklin claimed self-defense in the case. 
  • He was sentenced to life plus five years. 

Marvin Wiley didn’t mess around when it came to his little girl. 

So much so that the father drove to his neighbors’ home and pulled a gun after learning their daughter allegedly bullied his child. 

Hours later, the bold move got him killed. 

Cleondre Franklin will likely spend the rest of his life in prison after he killed Wiley, according to the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office.

He was sentenced to life plus five years for murder, malice murder and possession of a firearm by a felon in the September 2015 shooting.

Before the two dads crossed paths, their daughters were involved in an altercation on a bus, Fulton District Attorney spokeswoman Nakell Williams said. 

“Franklin’s daughter pulled Wiley’s daughter’s hair and took her tablet away from her on the school bus,” Williams said in a statement. 

When Wiley’s 7-year-old girl got home, she told her dad what happened. 

An angry Wiley drove to Franklin’s home, daughter and gun in tow, Williams said. His brother, Parnell Hawkins, joined him. 

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Once there, Wiley confronted Franklin’s wife, Alimah Gary-Franklin, in her yard and pulled out his gun, Williams said. Gary-Franklin ran inside her home, called her husband and told him what happened. She then called 911. 

Wiley left the Franklins’ home and dropped his daughter and brother at his mother’s house before driving to the store. 

In that time, Franklin got a description of Wiley’s car, found him and shot him as he was driving, Williams said. Franklin then left the scene. 

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Hawkins heard the gunshots in the area and found his brother less than a mile from his mother’s home. Wiley had a gunshot wound to his head and his car had veered off the road and into a fence. 

Witnesses told police Franklin’s Chevrolet Impala drove past the shooting scene at a high rate of speed. 

Wiley died later that day at Atlanta Medical Center, according to an Atlanta police report. 

Franklin wasn’t found until six weeks later in Rome. 

He claimed self-defense in the shooting, but the jury saw it as an act of revenge, Williams said. Franklin also confessed to his wife that he shot and killed Wiley, according to Williams.

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