Courtney Craig
Photo: Douglas County District Attorney's Office
Photo: Douglas County District Attorney's Office

Man sentenced for beating 2-year-old son who called him a name

King Davis was in Douglasville visiting his father, Courtney Craig, for the weekend. But after an evening meal with family and friends, Craig beat the 2-year-old for calling him a name. 

Craig later found Davis unresponsive and called the boy’s mother, who instructed him to call 911. Authorities arrived at Craig’s Millwood Park apartment and determined Davis had been dead for several hours.

On Monday, Craig was sentenced to life plus 20 years in his son’s deadly beating, Douglas County District Attorney Ryan Leonard said in a news release. Craig pleaded guilty to one count of malice murder and one count of aggravated battery. 

On Feb. 29, 2016, Davis went out to dinner with Craig and his family at a Joe’s Crab Shack. Davis lived with his mother in Louisiana but was visiting Craig for the weekend. 

“At dinner, the child was seen coloring in a coloring book, eating, and was devoid of any injuries,” Leonard said. Davis went home with Craig, who told investigators the boy was alone with him the entire night. 

The next day, Craig called Davis’ mother and told her he wasn’t breathing. She instructed Craig to immediately call 911.

When authorities arrived, they determined the child had visible bruising and had been dead for several hours. An autopsy determined Davis died from blunt force trauma and asphyxiation and suffered internal injuries. 

Craig, who initially pleaded not guilty, told investigators Davis got sick and may have had an allergic reaction after eating at a seafood restaurant, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution previously reported. After further questioning, he admitted to punching Davis in the stomach and chest. The boy had several broken ribs.

During an interview with police, Craig confessed he got angry with Davis for calling him a name. At one point, Craig admitted he hit and bit the child and covered his mouth. 

“(This was) a tragic and senseless loss of life caused by the defendant’s heinous actions,” Leonard said. “The child’s mother and her family showed what true grace and strength is throughout this process, and our thoughts are with them as they move forward and try to gain closure.” 

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