Fight with Uber driver allegedly leaves woman with black eye

After an expletive-laden exchange that allegedly left a woman with a black eye, an Uber driver and a passenger each filed police reports against each other.

According to one police report, Anna L. Armas and her friend Hanna Gordola got into an Uber ride about 7 p.m. Saturday along Irwin Street in northwest Atlanta. Not long after, Armas realized the driver, Yero Bandele, was taking a long route.

When she asked why Bandele was taking a longer way, he told her he was just following the GPS, according to the police report. When she asked again, Bandele kicked her out of the car.

Armas told police she called him a “dumb (expletive)” and when he asked her to say it again, which she did, he punched her in the face. Armas fell and Bandele drove off.

But his version of events differs from Armas.

While he told police Armas did ask about his navigational skills, he said she was rude and confrontational with him.

According to the report he filed, Bandele said Armas “was speaking in a condescending tone” and when he asked her to stop she refused. That’s when he pulled over and asked Armas and Gordola to get out of the car.

As soon as Armas got out, she spat at the car and began to insult Bandele, calling him a “crackhead” and other derogatory names, according to the police report he filed.

Their exchange didn’t end there.

Bandele told police Armas kept opening and closing his door as he tried to leave. When he got out to tell her to stop, she slapped him in the face, according to the report.

That’s when he said he pushed her, left the scene and called police.

Police said Bandele left the scene to stop the conflict from escalating. He also told police he filed a report to give to Uber.

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