5 dogs rescued, 2 arrested in Newton County dogfighting bust

Credit: Covington Police Department

Credit: Covington Police Department

Five dogs were rescued and two people were arrested when authorities busted a “possible dogfighting ring” in Covington on Monday, police said.

Some of the dogs were actively fighting when two animal control officers walked up on the alleged ring in the woods behind a home in the 10000 block of Allen Drive. Officers heard “dogs crying and barking loudly” while they were checking up on a tip from a concerned caller about 1:45 p.m, Covington police spokesman Justin Stott said.

“Several dogs were fighting and three males were standing around them, each holding a pitbull on a leash,” Stott said in a news release. “One male took off running with a pitbull as soon as officers approached and announced (they were police).”

The two other men were told to tie the dogs to a tree and step away from them.

“The ‘bait dog,’ the one dog the others were fighting, was still alive but moving slowly and had blood coming from its head and had bite marks on its back,” he said.

Animal control took possession of the dogs. Two men, identified as Richard Cobb and Darrell Barber, were arrested on charges of felony dogfighting. The condition of the injured dog was not known Wednesday.

Credit: Newton County Sheriff's Office

Credit: Newton County Sheriff's Office

Police are still looking for the third man who escaped with another dog.

The Humane Society of the United States offers a $5,000 reward for information in dogfighting or cockfighting that leads to an arrest and conviction. Officials urge tipsters to call their local police department or animal control agency.

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