Have MARTA bus cuts affected you? Talk to us

Credit: Emily Haney

Credit: Emily Haney

In April MARTA eliminated most of its bus routes, focusing instead on its busiest and most critical routes amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The agency went from 110 bus routes to 41, including one new circulator route. MARTA beefed up service on the remaining routes, with buses running more frequently. The move was designed to ensure there were enough buses on those routes to promote social distancing among passengers.

Since then, the agency has restored a few routes. But most routes remain shuttered. On Tuesday MARTA bus ridership was down 25 percent from an average weekday in February, before the pandemic. That means thousands of people who used to ride the bus are not riding it today.

So, we’d like to know: Have you been affected by the MARTA bus service cuts? Is your local stop no longer being served? How are you getting around? If you’re riding one of the remaining routes, what’s the service like? Do you feel safe?

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