Another big Atlanta employer wants workers in the office 5 days a week

Atlanta-based digital commerce firm NCR Voyix says workers get 40 flex days but otherwise should return to office
The campus that houses the two companies that spun out of NCR Corporation in Midtown Atlanta on Thursday, July 6, 2023. (Katelyn Myrick/

Credit: Katelyn Myrick

Credit: Katelyn Myrick

The campus that houses the two companies that spun out of NCR Corporation in Midtown Atlanta on Thursday, July 6, 2023. (Katelyn Myrick/

One of the independent companies resulting from NCR’s recent split is requiring its Atlanta workforce to return to its headquarters five days a week, with a little flexibility.

NCR Voyix, a digital commerce company, announced this week its Atlanta employees will need to commute to the office five days a week starting May 6. Going forward, employees will get 40 flexible days to work from anywhere, pending their manager’s approval.

Several employers have used a combination of incentives and stricter policies to get workers back to corporate campuses. Many managers say camaraderie and productivity can get a boost from getting teams back together.

NCR Voyix becomes one of Georgia’s largest to crack down on remote work after years of uncertainty and hybrid work schedules following the onset of COVID-19. The move comes on the heels of Fortune 500 shipping giant UPS, which is based in Sandy Springs, requiring its employees to return to the office five days a week.

NCR Voyix CEO David Wilkinson made the announcement to employees in a Thursday memo to employees.

“This change continues the necessity of working closely in person with your teams while providing the opportunity to decide when you work remotely based on your own life circumstances,” the memo said.

Operating out of a 756,000-square-foot campus at Georgia Tech Technology’s Square, NCR was also a Fortune 500 company before it went through a lengthy process last year of splitting into two separate public companies. Its C-suite said dividing the businesses would spur further value for shareholders.

The resulting companies were NCR Voyix, assuming the company’s digital commerce operations, while NCR Atleos focuses on automated teller machine hardware. The separation finalized in October, with both companies continuing to operate at its Atlanta campus. Last year, one of the two office towers in the campus was placed as available for sublease.

The in-person work policy impacts less than half of NCR Voyix’s 15,000 employees, a company spokesperson told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The company plans to implement the new policy in phases across 34 other countries where it has employees.

“This is a pivotal time for us as a new company, and I believe we work better when we are together,” Wilkinson’s memo said.