N.C. kidnapping suspect surrenders

A final suspect in the North Carolina-to-Atlanta kidnapping plot is now in federal custody, FBI officials say.

Patricia Kramer turned herself in to federal authorities today, FBI spokesman Stephen Emmett told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Kramer, 29, had not initially been identified in connection with the scheme to kidnap a North Carolina prosecutor.

But she is the final of nine co-defendants named yesterday when a federal indictment was handed down for the April 5 kidnapping of Frank Aurthur Janssen.

Prosecutors said the conspirators more than once went to the wrong address in search of Wake County, N.C., Assistant District Attorney Colleen Janssen, Frank Janssen's daughter.

Kramer, prosecutors said, financed the two outings planned to abduct Colleen Janssen and provided the incorrect addresses that sent the alleged kidnappers first to Louisiana, then eventually to Frank Janssen's home.

She is charged along with alleged ring leader Kelvin Melton, Michael Montreal Gooden, Tianna Maynard, Jakym Camel Tibbs, Quantavious "Kirkwood Quan" Thompson, Clifton James Roberts, Jenna Palin Martin and Jevante Price with conspiracy to commit violations of the federal kidnapping statute, according to the federal indictment.

Kramer was scheduled to appear before a federal judge today at 2 p.m. But the hearing was postponed until Thursday at 3 p.m., federal authorities said. The public defender who was to represent Kramer recused herself because she is already representing too many of the kidnapping suspects.