‘Breakdown’ Episode 27: Inside the Special Grand Jury

Credit: Arvin Temkar

Credit: Arvin Temkar

Five jurors come forward to discuss their experiences and the panel’s inner workings

The latest episode of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Breakdown podcast recaps exclusive interviews with five of the special purpose grand jurors who investigated possible criminal meddling with the 2020 presidential election.

The jurors — three men and two women — shared previously unknown details about the investigation, including witnesses and pieces of evidence that were previously unreported.

Episode 27, “Inside the Special Grand Jury,” of Breakdown’s ninth season, “The Trump Grand Jury,” also includes recent comments made by former President Donald Trump about the Fulton County criminal investigation.

The five special grand jurors shared stories about what it was like to serve anonymously on one of the most closely watched grand juries in U.S. history. They said it was overwhelmingly educational and at times tedious and emotionally wrenching.

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