‘Breakdown’ Episode 25: Reading Between the Lines

Credit: Miguel Martinez

Credit: Miguel Martinez

What can be learned from the three short excerpts that were made public from the Fulton County special purpose grand jury’s final report?

The most recent episode of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s “Breakdown” podcast dissects the few pages of the special purpose grand jury’s final report that were made public.

After mulling it over for three weeks, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney decided to release three sections of the report, concluding “the compelling public interest in these proceedings and the unquestionable value and importance of transparency require their release.”

The special grand jurors reveal they have included vote tallies on each recommendation included in the report and they say they suspect one or more witnesses may have lied under oath while testifying.

In Episode 25, “Reading Between The Lines,” of Breakdown’s ninth season, “The Trump Grand Jury,” legal experts discuss what was made public and also what was not made public. So far, only about one-third of the nine-page document has been released.