‘Breakdown’ S01 Ep. 3: The view from the stoop, a botched appeal

Continuing Breakdown, a new podcast by the AJC

Could witness Gary Allen Stroupe really have seen Justin Chapman at 200 feet away from his front porch at 3 a.m.? Reporter Bill Rankin makes a nighttime visit to Bremen to find out.

Also, hear for yourself the appalingly long list of mistakes and missed opportunities that sunk Justin Chapman's chances for a new trial and an appeal – the latest series of breakdowns exposed in “Breakdown.”

In this first season of Breakdown, senior legal affairs writer Bill Rankin goes deep inside the Chapman case, exploring where the criminal justice system broke down. You can listen to the Breakdown podcast below, or visit www.ajcbreakdown.com for the first three episodes, plus photos, articles, videos and more related information.