Bibb County could pay more than $8 million for new landfill

New Bibb County landfill could cost more than $8 million.
New Bibb County landfill could cost more than $8 million.

Middle Georgia’s most populous county could pay $8.75 million for a site for a new landfill and dirt to close an old one.

Macon-Bibb County commissioners told WMAZ-TV they are considering spending $5.7 million for a site and $3.05 million for dirt to bury construction and demolition debris in its current landfill.

Construction and demolition landfills are subject to fewer requirements than locations where household garbage is buried, because such debris is less likely to contain hazardous chemicals.

A new site would allow the county to meet a regulatory deadline to close its current construction and demolition landfill.

County spokesman Chris Floore says that if the state doesn’t grant a permit, the county would get its money for the land back.

The 171-acre property is valued at less than $93,000 for tax purposes. Mayor Robert Reichert says the property is worth much more because the state Environmental Protection Division has cleared a study to determine its suitability for a landfill.

Reichert said the $3 million would be a downpayment, but also cover the cost for dirt needed to close the current landfill. The county needs dirt 18 inches deep to cover 120 acres.

But Commissioner Virgil Watkins says it’s “alarming” to spend $8 million for undeveloped land.

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