City of Brookhaven hosting Fortnite tournament for area gamers

Credit: Business Wire/AP

Credit: Business Wire/AP

With the coronavirus pandemic still placing a hold on large, in-person gatherings, the city of Brookhaven’s Parks and Recreation department hopes to offer residents some virtual recreation during the month of September.

The city is set to host a Fortnite tournament, with several rounds leading up to a final championship battle on Sept. 28, officials announced Monday.

Fortnite, a popular online video game first released in 2017, has amassed over 250 million players worldwide. It is best known for its free battle-royale format, in which 100 players are placed on an island and fight to be the last one standing.

For the Brookhaven tournament, games will be played remotely and in solo mode, and players will submit the total points from their games, the city said in a statement.

For the final round, all four finalists will play in a lobby together, with health and safety precautions in place, the city said.

The tournament is open to all ages, but parents must sign a permission slip for anyone under 18. The city did not say whether participants must be residents of Brookhaven.

Online registration is required; according to the city’s website, registration costs $5. Organizers plan to send players a complete set of rules.

The city did not say whether the winner would receive a prize.

This is the schedule for the tournament, though the city said it is subject to change depending on the number of participants:

  • Round 1: Sept. 14
  • Round 2: Sept. 17
  • Quarterfinals: Sept. 21
  • Semifinals: Sept. 24
  • Finals: Sept. 28

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