Chick-fil-A issues recall, says customers should toss popular item in trash

Chick-fil-A recalls its Polynesian sauce. Here’s everything we know.

5 things to know about... Chick-fil-A 1. Chick-fil-A was founded in 1946 by native Georgian S. Truett Cathy. After his death in 2014, his son Dan took over as Chick-fil-A Chairman, President and CEO. Chick-fil-A holds true to its metro Atlanta roots, maintaining its headquarters in suburban College Park, Ga. 2. The original restaurant, originally named The Dwarf Grill and later renamed The Dwarf House, is still in its 1946 location in Hapeville, Ga., and still operates 24 hours a day (except Sunday). The

Chick-fil-A customers should discard any Polynesian sauce dipping cups acquired Feb. 14-27, the Atlanta-based restaurant published on its website. The cups may contain a different sauce that includes wheat and soy allergens.

Those with questions have been asked to please call Chick-fil-A Cares at (866) 232-2040.

Polynesian is just one of many dipping sauce flavors sold by the food company. Its retail Polynesian sauce bottles were not included in the recall. Most recently, Chick-fil-A added barbeque sauce and sweet and spicy sriracha sauces to its retail lineup.