Atlanta among top five cities for winter travel, according to WalletHub

Atlanta is No. 11 for best winter destinations, based on these rankings Travel costs and hassles: 2 Local costs: 20 Weather: 8 Cold-weather: 2 Safety: 8

While Atlanta may not be the best at preparing for snowy weather conditions, the city is an ideal destination for holiday travel, according to a new report.

With a focus on cost and convenience, WalletHub recently released its rankings for "2019's Best Winter Holiday Destinations," and Atlanta was listed among the top five.

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The personal finance website analyzed around 70 of the largest metro areas and looked at six key factors: travel costs and hassles, costs in destination, attractions, weather, activities, and safety.

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Within these categories, WalletHub examined 37 metrics, and each was graded on a 100 point scale. Atlanta took the No. 3 spot, following Washington D.C. at No. 2 and Chicago at No. 1. Atlanta also ranked third for “most cold-weather activities.”

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Here’s a snapshot of Atlanta’s results: 

Total score: 68.19

Travel costs & hassles: No. 3

Attractions: No. 11

Weather: No. 2

Activities: No. 3

Safety: No. 25

Interested in seeing how other cities ranked? Read the full report here.