Duluth funeral home to host Halloween-themed drive-in theater screening

Every Friday throughout the spring and summer, downtown Duluth comes to life for Fridays-N-Duluth.

What better way to celebrate a spooky holiday than catching a movie at a funeral home?

That’ll be the case in Gwinnett County Friday night when attendees visit Bill Head Funeral Homes & Crematory to catch a screening of “Beetlejuice" this Friday.

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The fantasy comedy starring Michael Keaton as trickster ghost Betelgeuse (or Beetlejuice) follows the spirits of a dead couple who are harassed by an intolerable family that has moved into their home, and hire a wicked spirit to push them away.

“Enjoy a film from the comfort of your own vehicle at this free Drive-in Theatre experience,” the Facebook event description read.

Initially scheduled for last weekend, forecasted rain led the City of Duluth to cancel the screening and reschedule it for the day before Halloween. Now, attendees will be able to register at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 27 to catch the 1988 film. Those who have previously purchased a ticket are required to respond to an email confirming they’d like to transfer their ticket to the Oct. 30 showing.

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“If you are a current ticket holder for either of those events and you have not confirmed your reservation with our events team yet, please send them an email at events@duluthga.net by the end of the day Monday or your ticket will be canceled,” the city said on Facebook Monday after informing followers to turn on notifications for registration.

Reservations are required for the event and the link to reserve your free spot will be posted on the Facebook event page and on the City of Duluth’s main Facebook page. The city also asks potential guests to be kind to other moviegoers and by only securing a spot if they’re certain they’ll attend and will view the entire film.

“If you reserve a spot and do not attend the event, you will not be able to reserve a spot at any future events this season,” organizers said.

The rescheduling of “Beetlejuice” also coincides with a reschedule of a screening of the 2019 animated movie “The Addams Family.”

Drive-In Theatre featuring Beetlejuice (PG)

9:30 p.m. - 11:45 p.m. Friday, Oct. 30

Bill Head Funeral Homes & Crematory

3088 Duluth Highway


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