Georgia film industry continues through pandemic

The Georgia Film Office offers opportunities to connect to the state's film industry.

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The Georgia Film Office offers opportunities to connect to the state's film industry.

Though many arts organizations across the state are closed due to COVID, film and TV production companies are now shooting projects in Georgia at a record pace, according to a press release. The Georgia Film Office has several options to promote your venue or business to these film companies, or to find out about crew and casting calls.

Film Location Database

If you are interested in allowing film companies to rent your venue for a production, go to List Your Property as a Film Location | Georgia Department of Economic Development and submit images to the Film Location Database. Carefully follow the guidelines listed to ensure that your photos are accepted into the database and that location scouts can clearly evaluate your site. Film companies are always looking for unique locations all across the state.

Camera Ready

Every county in Georgia has a Camera Ready liaison who assists film companies that are scouting locations in that area. The Camera Ready liaison in your county can assist you in posting photos to the Film Location Database. To find out who the Camera Ready liaison is in your county, go to Georgia - Camera Ready Communities

Georgia Production Directory

The Georgia Production Directory lists businesses that provide services for film companies, such as accommodations, catering, parking, storage, rehearsal space, etc. If your business can provide any of these services, sign up for a listing at Georgia Production Directory.

Film Crews

If you have industry credits working on film crews, you may list yourself in the Reel-Crew online production guide: Georgia Production Directory.

Crew and Casting Calls

The Help Wanted Hotline has information on crew and casting opportunities: Help Wanted Hotline.