VOTE: What’s the best park in Dunwoody? | Best of Dunwoody

More than 200 people cast their votes to choose the park they think is the best in Roswell.

From hiking to biking, swimming and running, community parks provide a place for residents to get out, exercise and explore. During the coronavirus pandemic, parks have become more essential than ever before and luckily for Dunwoody residents, they have quite a few parks to choose from.

In Dunwoody, you can venture out with your dog to Brook Run Park, the largest park in the city, or you can opt for Donaldson-Barrister Farm, a historic home with picturesque lawns perfect for picnicking.

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No matter your preferred choice for outdoor recreation, the AJC wants to know what is the best park in Dunwoody?

Don’t see your favorite on our list? Submit a write-in nominee to If enough people suggest your favorite, we’ll add it to our poll. The winner will be announced August 7.

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