DeKalb school district apologizes for ‘obscene images’ during meeting

56 bus drivers call out in DeKalb County, disrupting school day
56 bus drivers call out in DeKalb County, disrupting school day

Hackers allegedly accessed virtual meeting of ESPLOST Advisory Committee

The DeKalb County School District would like to apologize to the roughly 81 people who may have been subjected to “obscene images” during a recent virtual meeting.

In an statement emailed to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the school district said hackers infiltrated Wednesday night’s meeting of the E-SPLOST Advisory Committee (a group of local residents assembled to weigh in on how the county expends sales tax revenue) and posted inappropriate images.

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No further information about the nature of the unpleasantness was provided. But the district appeared to blame the incident on the meeting being “hosted through a personal Zoom account.”

“Moving forward, the district will host all meeting in district-secured accounts,” the district’s statement said.

So-called “Zoom bombing” — when nefarious actors or bored online trolls hijack an online meeting — is not an uncommon issue, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when videoconferencing has become the go-to for many companies, individuals and government entities.

A (presumably edited) recording of the recent DeKalb meeting was expected to be posted online by the end of the week.

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