Woman thought she won $43M jackpot, then told slot machine malfunctioned

Credit: sweetandsour/GettyImages

Credit: sweetandsour/GettyImages

A New York woman who thought she won over $40 million on a slot machine jackpot was devastated when informed by casino officials that the winnings were void because the machine malfunctioned.

Katrina Bookman told WABC that she was at the Resorts World Casino in August when the machine informed her that she had won nearly $43 million. She even took a selfie that included the winning message.

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While the mood was celebratory on the casino floor, officials told her to come back the next day. That’s when casino officials delivered the bad news — the machine had malfunctioned and Bookman had won nothing.

Officials offered Bookman a free steak dinner.

Bookman, who has faced adversity in her life, including being raised in foster care, being homeless as a teen and raising four children as a single mother, is not satisfied with the casino’s response.

She has hired an attorney and plans to sue the casino. Bookman and her attorney argue that she should at least receive the maximum payout that the machine pays, which is $6,500.

The New York State Gaming Commission said they cannot do that, referring to a warning appears on all slot machines: “Malfunctions void all pays and plays."

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