Woman on road trip to collect stories of American kindness

Mary Latham believes there is more good than bad in America.

The New York woman is on a special road trip that will take her to all 50 states, where she will capture stories of random acts of kindness that have touched people’s lives. She will collect the stories into a book that will be distributed nationally to hospital waiting rooms.

Latham, 29, told the Providence Journal that her mother inspired her "More Good" trek. While Latham was watching coverage of the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012, a coworker told her about a man who had "paid it forward" at Starbucks for everyone in line behind him. While Latham was on the phone with her mother, she mentioned the act of kindness but focused on the Sandy Hook incident. Her mother said she should think more about the act of kindness, and not to focus on tragedy alone.

Latham's mother died of cancer in 2013. At the time, Latham and a friend had just launched The GrAttitude Project on Facebook,  where they collected random acts of kindness stories. The positive response from that project inspired Latham to launch More Good, the road trip that she will document on her website. She expects the road trip to take about a year.

If you'd like to donate to More Good, visit the project's GoFundMe page.