Where can I find it?

Q: In the ’60s, we could get lots of breast of lamb, but in the past 40 years, at least in the South, we have not found any. We have a great recipe that bakes the lamb with grape jelly. We would really appreciate knowing where we can buy some in the Atlanta area. Thanks. — Virginia Klaer, Duluth

A: Packed with flavor and a fair amount of fat, lamb breast isn’t front and center in the meat case. However, I spoke to someone at Buford Highway Farmers Market, 5600 Buford Highway, Doraville, 770-455-0770, and was told that the butcher gets whole lambs and can cut the breast for you. Call the butcher to make sure it’s available when you want it. Breast of lamb sells for $7.99 per pound.

Q: When my wife and I lived in Pittsburgh, Penn., I could purchase minted ginger ale. It was bottled like the 2-liter bottles of Coke, etc., and stocked in the same section. I am not able to find it here in Atlanta. I’m wondering if you could locate a local source for it. I would be very grateful. Kind regards. — Alan Urech, Marietta

A: You didn’t give a brand name, but since you mentioned Pennsylvania, then you’re probably talking about Tom Tucker Southern Style mint ginger ale, from the Pittsburgh soda company co-founded by Sidney Harris, who lived to be 100. Interestingly enough, the southern style beverage is relatively unknown around here. Several of my sources who carry a variety of obscure sodas haven’t even heard of this regional favorite. And, according to one, the soda fits such a niche market that it doesn’t make sense to stock mint ginger ale because it would sit on the shelf far too long to make it worthwhile. You can order Tom Tucker mint ginger ale from only a few distributors, and I found one that sells a case of eight 2-liter bottles (the only way the soda is bottled) for $20, not including shipping. To order, call Save-Mor Beer and Pop Warehouse in Pittsburgh at 412-421-8550 or check out the website at savemorbeer.com.

Q: My family loves to play games. I am trying to locate the Family Feud Game 5th Edition. I have searched in stores and online. I have found it on Amazon, but it is pretty costly at $65. Can you help me locate a source with a more reasonable price? I am willing to pay up to $24.99. Thank You. — Debi Suarez, Gainesville

A: Debi, I can get you a much better deal on Classic Family Feud 5th Edition by Endless Games. You can snap it up for $14.99 by calling the Barnes & Noble store nearest to you and having the game shipped to the store. That way, you can pick it up and not pay any shipping fees. The game isn’t stocked in stores. You also can order it online through barnesandnoble.com.

Q: I used to purchase Windstone Farms seedless blackberry jam from Sam’s Club, but I no longer belong to a club. Can I find this wonderful jam in a regular grocery store? So far, I haven’t had any luck. Thank you. — Jerry Eckert, Atlanta

A: Jerry, you’ll find your seedless blackberry jam by Windstone Farms in 18-ounce jars for $3.89 each at Kroger, 2205 Lavista Road, Atlanta, 404-320-7888. It’s in the Toco Hills Shopping Center. The jam is located on aisle two.

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