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Q: My sister-in-law has used Alberto VO5 in the silver tube for many years, but can no longer find it. I would like to find it and surprise her. Can you help? I would prefer to find it locally. — Pat Garrett, Powder Springs

A: You’ll find the silver tube of Alberto VO5 conditioning hairdressing, formulated for light colored hair, at Bed Bath and Beyond, 130 Perimeter Center West, Atlanta,

. This is one of the few local Bed Bath and Beyond stores that has a Harmon health and beauty section, where you can purchase your sister-in-law’s VO5. A 1.5-ounce tube costs $3.99.

Q: Years ago, we always used AJAX powder to scrub and clean. It seems not to be on the market any more. Can you help? Thank you. — Monika Lohff, Cumming

A: You might not expect to find AJAX at a big box home improvement store, but that’s exactly where you’ll easily snap up all of the AJAX you need. Check out the cleaning section of Home Depot, 1000 Market Place Blvd., Cumming,

, and you’ll find AJAX powder cleanser with bleach in 21-ounce cans for 97 cents.

Q: For many years I used Hagerty liquid silver polish in a tall black container. It was wonderful for dipping silver, small silver ornaments and jewelry. I have been unable to find it for the last year or so and would love to know where I might find it, if possible. Thank you so much. — Wendi Carnell, email

A: Wendi, it sounds as if you’re looking for Hagerty silver dip, which comes in a tall, slender black container that allows you to also conveniently dip tarnished flatware. You’ll find the 16.9-ounce dip for $10.99 at Ace Hardware, 2365 Peachtree Road,

. The store is located in the Peachtree Battle shopping center.

Q: I am searching for King David Concord sweet red wine, which is made in Israel. A beverage warehouse in Alpharetta did carry the wine before it closed. I would appreciate your assistance because this wine has proven difficult to find. — Robert McAlister, Ball Ground

A: You can find your wine and many other kosher items at The Kosher Gourmet, 2153 Briarcliff Road, Atlanta,

. The market sells King David Concord sweet red wine for $7.99 a bottle.

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