Where can I find it?

Q: I am looking for Jean Paul Gautier facial wash for men, which is no longer available in stores. I promised I would help a co-worker look for this, and checked online, but I have only been able to find substitutes. He has looked in stores and was advised it’s a discontinued item. The tube is off-white with black lettering and a black cap. Can you help? Thanks. — Marci M, Marietta.

A: Marci, while Jean Paul Gautier facial scrub is a bit easier to find online, the discontinued facial wash, as you know, is really scarce. But, I found two tubes that your friend can snap up if he’s willing to go through eBay.com. Each 4.8-ounce tube sells for $24.99.

Q: About 20 years ago, when Harry Blazer owned Harry’s Farmers Market, the store imported a candy striped pastel colored toothbrush from Italy that was made from real boar bristles. The brush seemed to provide a gentle and complete cleaning that plastic bristles can only hope to provide. After brushing, I always noticed a slight bacon taste in my mouth (not kidding ). After searching Atlanta and the Internet for many years, without success, I am hoping that I may find this wonderful toothbrush again. — Bill Hampton, Cumming

A: While I’m obviously aware of the bacon craze that won’t go away, I had no idea that anyone might actually like that flavor while brushing his teeth. But, I appreciate a hint of smoky bacon in bourbon, so I’m really not judging. Bill, I have several choices for you regarding that toothbrush. First, at Harry’s Farmer’s Market, 1180 Upper Hembree Road, Roswell, 770-664-6300, you’ll find Fuchs natural bristle toothbrushes, made with boar hairs, that come with colored plastic handles. They’re $2.79 each and are made in Germany. Another brand I found is Bass, which comes from Italy and billed as natural bristle toothbrushes. These feature wood handles. However, the label doesn’t state where the natural bristles originate. You’ll find Bass natural bristle toothbrushes for $7.50 each at Scents ‘n Suds, 1544 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, 404-875-7568.

Q: I have a hand-knitted hot water bottle cover but the bottle itself has a leak, so I need a replacement. Where can you find such an old-fashioned item like a rubber hot water bottle? — Jacqueline Werner, Atlanta

A: I found the ideal place where you’ll come across an excellent selection of practical old-time items, including a traditional rubber hot water bottle. Check out Miller’s Rexall, 87 Broad St., Atlanta, 404-523-8481, and you’ll find your hot water bottle for $14.99.

Q: I have a friend who loves to cook but she doesn’t drive. She wants La Tourangelle pumpkin seed oil, and I would love to surprise her with some. I’m not familiar with the brand, and haven’t seen it in my regular markets. Do you know where I can find this oil for a dear friend? I appreciate your help. — Claudia Jensen, Decatur

A: La Tourangelle, makes a wide variety of fragrant oils that range from roasted pecan and walnut to avocado and roasted pistachio. You can find toasted pumpkin seed oil in 8.45-ounce tin bottles with pretty orange labels for $11.59 at Dekalb Farmers Market, 3000 E. Ponce de Leon Ave., Decatur, 404-377-6400.