Where can I find it?

Q: On Amazon, there were blank cuff links that came in different sizes. Is there a way that I can get a sample pair before I place an order? I'm interested in the square shape. Or is there a place online where I can purchase cuff links in the Atlanta area? Thank you in advance for your help or any information that can help me in finding a location. — John Roberts, Atlanta

A: John, one of the nice things about ordering through Amazon.com is the company's liberal return policy. So, while you couldn't get a sample pair sent to you, you could order a set you think you might like, then if you're not satisfied, simply return it with a full refund. Locally, JoS. A. Bank Clothiers, 3637 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, 404-262-7100, offers a wide variety of cuff links on its website, www.josbank.com. If you found a pair you liked, you then could check with the store to see if they're in stock. The Buckhead location is a high-volume store, so you might have good luck in finding the perfect set of cuff links.

Q: Years ago, Kroger carried a men's fragrance called Blue Stratos. It came in a blue bottle with a white bird on it. I loved the way it smelled on my husband. Is there any place that still carries it or something that smells similar? — Sandy Quillian, Stone Mountain

A: Blue Stratos used to be made by Shulton, the company that gave you Old Spice. The brand has changed hands a few times and it's now an elusive fragrance made by Evyan in this part of the world. It's licensed by various companies in Great Britain and Australia. You can order it online through www.amazon.com, but the price has gone up quite a bit. A 2-ounce spray of Blue Stratos cologne will set you back $48.

Q: I've been trying for a long time to find a special salad dressing for a friend who loves it. It's called Marzetti Simply Dressed Strawberry Poppy Seed dressing. I have called all of the grocers in my area and none have it. I would so like to surprise her with this dressing. Can you help me to be a good friend? Thanks so much. — June Marcus, Kennesaw

A: June, because a store doesn’t stock your item it doesn’t mean that the manager can’t special order it for you, especially if the store already carries the brand. That’s the case with Marzetti Simply Dressed Strawberry Poppyseed salad dressing. Head to Publix, 2774 Cobb Parkway, Kennesaw, 770-426-3240, and request a special order for the item. A 12-ounce bottle costs $3.69, and it’ll take about a week for the dressing to arrive.

Q: I'd like to surprise my wife by replacing a stuffed animal she has had for many years. It is a white buffalo made by Dakin back in 1979. She really loves it, but time has taken a toll. We have found many Dakin animals online but not the buffalo. Can you help? — Thomas Wilder, Roswell

A: Dakin no longer exists, and since you're open to other brands that make a similar plush white buffalo, I found two of them that might work for you. Check out www.stuffedsafari.com and meet Buffy, an adorable white bison by Fiesta. She's 16 inches long and sells for $16.99. Your other option is at www.nancysplushtoys.com. This slightly smaller white buffalo, also by Fiesta, measures only 14 inches and it doesn't have the same details as Buffy. It's priced at $15.50.