When a local woman didn’t have the money for her car repairs — a stranger stepped in

A Coweta County woman got an unexpected surprise at a car dealership.

When a woman from Coweta County couldn’t afford to have her car repaired, strangers stepped in to pay for it.

According to WSB-TV, Rachell Tucker recently went to the Mike Fitzpatrick Ford dealership in Newnan to have her car repaired. She was told that the repairs would cost over $800.

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Tucker didn’t have the money for the repairs and began cleaning out her car in the parking lot, knowing she would have to leave it at the dealership until she could come up with the money. That’s when Sarah Najour stepped in.

“She walked out in tears,” Najour told WSB-TV, who works at the dealership. “It broke my heart when I saw her go to her car and start getting her stuff.”

Najour came up with a plan and went to Facebook to ask for donations to pay for the repairs in hopes of bringing a little bit of Christmas joy to Tucker’s life.

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“If I could just snag your attention please. I’m at work and there is a customer who has literally left in tears because she is having to leave her car behind. She is unable to pay the $800 it costs to repair her car. So I’m asking Facebook for help. If I could have 800 people which I know I have over that many on my Facebook, can 800 people send me $1 so we can get this woman’s car fixed. It broke my heart watching her clean her car out knowing she wouldn’t be leaving with it. Just trying to do something nice & help someone out who desperately needs it,” she posted.

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Her friends and family on Facebook reacted quickly and within two hours Najour had raised around $1,000. With her employee discount, she was able to get the cost of the repairs down to $500. The remaining $500 was gifted to Tucker and her family the next day.

“She didn’t know me. She didn’t know what else I had been going through,” Tucker said. The two women hope that their story will inspire others to help neighbors in need.