3 ways to get your car ready for winter, according to experts

Is your vehicle ready to take on the roads this winter? Here’s what experts recommend

Cooler weather has quickly swept through Atlanta. As the calendar flipped from October to November, temperatures dropped rapidly.

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With winter on the horizon, you may be flipping on your heat and bringing outdoor plants inside, but it's not just your home that needs preparation for the cold.

Experts say it’s important to get your vehicle ready for the road this winter.

"Properly preparing your vehicle for upcoming winter weather is essential for safe driving and will greatly decrease the chances of your vehicle leaving you stranded in the cold," according to AAA.

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Tom Burgess, who owns Christian Brothers Automotive in Cumming, told 11Alive that motorists should take three main steps to make sure their car is equipped for cold weather: check antifreeze, tire pressure, and battery.

Antifreeze: Burgess told 11Alive if the mixture of your antifreeze is off, it can actually do more harm than good, which is why it's important to have a professional test it.

Tire pressure: Cold weather can put a strain on your tire pressure, so it's important to monitor. And it doesn't have to come at a high cost. Burgess said you can invest in a low-cost gauge to keep an eye on tire pressure throughout the winter if your car doesn't do so automatically.

Battery: The low temperatures can be especially hard on a vehicle's battery. According to AAA, about a quarter of cold weather car problems are battery related. For preventative measures, you can bring your car to a professional to have the battery assessed.

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While Atlanta tends to avoid snowy conditions that are more common elsewhere in the country, you never know when winter weather may strike (let us never forget Snowmageddon or SnowJam).

Which is why AAA recommends motorists equip their vehicles with an emergency kit, especially during the winter months. They recommend stocking your vehicle with things like: ice scraper, jumper cables, drinking water, non-perishable snacks, extra clothes and a first-aid kit.