Watch the official movie trailer for “The Shack”


Watch the official movie trailer for “The Shack”

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Wm. Paul Young with Bishop Dale Bronner, senior pastor of Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral. CREDIT: Taken from Bishop Bronner’s Twitter account

Author Wm. Paul Young gives his Twitter followers a peek at official movie trailer for the big-screen version of his thought-provoking book, “The Shack.”

The film, stars Sam Worthington and Octavia Spencer , tells the story of a grieving father who is undergoes a crisis of faith after a tragedy. He receives a letter inviting him to a shack where he meets a black woman named “Papa.”

It’s slated to be released March 3 and, if sales for New York Times best-selling book are any indication, the film may be a hit for 2017.

“The trailer is up! Surreal wonder!!,” Young tweeted.

Young’s other books include “Eve: A Novel” and “Cross Roads.”

“When people tell me how my work has deeply impacted their lives, I metaphorically ‘take off my shoes’,” Young said in a previous interview with The Atlanta-Journal Constitution. ” This is a reference to Moses at the burning bush. People, each of who ‘is’ a story, graciously share themselves with me and I recognize this as holy ground, the penetration of the grace of God into our lives. It is a praise. I am so grateful to be present and a witness.”

Young, who lives in Oregon, calls himself “an accidental author.” He said he used to give away his writings as gifts. In an interview with a Canadian television station, Young said his wife asked him to write the book as a gift to his children. His plan was to print about 15 copies. Twenty-six publishers, faith and non-faith-based, turned it down.

Eventually, it was published and millions of copies were sold.

“This is such a God thing from the very beginning,” Young said during the interview.


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