Urban Recipe dishing up help

History: What began as a church initiative to feed families in Grant Park has grown into a thriving food cooperative program for low-income families. For the past 28 years, Urban Recipe has operated co-ops and trained organizations around the country with its unique approach.

Did you know: Today, Urban Recipe distributes nearly 3,000 pounds of food every other week. Each of its four co-ops has a membership of up to 50 families. Members run the program themselves and co-ops are open to new members. There is a $4 program fee, along with participation expectations.

Its motto: Urban Recipe creates food security, builds community, and provides a platform allowing members to cultivate personal development skills while affirming their dignity. Simply put, "dignity tastes good."

How you can help: Urban Recipe needs help with website updates and has an array of communication needs, including social media. Visitors are invited to come and see a co-op in action.

To learn more: urbanrecipe.org or 404-688-0871.