Spanx, Living Walls team up to spread inspiration with new Atlanta mural

For months, Living Walls has been teaming up with local artists to share messages of hope amid the coronavirus outbreak. Now, in its latest installment, the nonprofit teamed up with Spanx owner Sara Blakely to spread some inspiration.

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Blakely commissioned local artist Sarah Neuburger to paint the mural as part of the The Spanx by Sara Blakely Foundation's efforts to "support women and help them soar through education, entrepreneurship and the arts," according to Living Walls.

“At Spanx, we love collaborating to inspire hope and positivity while supporting local female artists while supporting local artists impacted by the pandemic. We also love supporting female entrepreneurs and worked with Monica, founder of @livingwallsatl, to curate and produce it employing an all-female crew,” the Atlanta-based company wrote on its Facebook page.

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Along with the quote from Blakely, the mural features “a combination of helping hands and bright colors, all symbolizing one thing: Our Atlanta community,” according to Spanx.

Neuburger said the artwork is meant to celebrate all people have done for one another throughout the pandemic.

“It celebrates the kindness and ways we’ve shown up for each other during quarantine in support for our essential workers ... from the farmers to grocery employees to healthcare and sanitation workers,” Neuburger wrote on Instagram. “To those sewing masks to the neighbors clapping at shift changes. And to those delivering goods and teaching children while working full-time, we see you.”