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Q: When I travel, I like to use twist ties to keep various cords and packages together. I usually save up longer wire twist ties that come with hoses or such things. But they’re really not made to last very long, nor are they long enough since I seem to acquire more cords for my electronic gadgets. Does anyone make longer twist ties that I can use when I’m on the road? Some that are more durable. I haven’t been able to find any locally. I appreciate any help you might be able to offer. Deb Johnston, email

A: I think I have just the item to neatly corral your cords and other odds and ends when traveling. Check out The Container Store, 3637 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, 404-963-9602. Here you’ll find Gear Tie, which are skinny, rubber-coated wire twist ties that measure 24 inches long. They can be doubled and twisted like pretzels, and the wire keeps them in position. These are lime green, and a package of two costs $6.49.

Q: I used to get Dijon extra strong French mustard at Whole Foods (Harry’s) and Aldi, but I can’t find it anywhere now. Please help me. Thank you. Jim Conway, Marietta

A: Jim, I find it difficult to get French mustard around here that’s as strong as the kind you can easily snap up in France. I’m not sure if you’re looking for a specific brand, but I found Roland extra strong Dijon mustard in a 7-ounce jar for $6.69 at Whole Foods Market, 1311 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta, 678-996-9700. I hope this gives you the heat that you’re seeking.

Q: I have tried to find Black Flag Termin-8 green copper wood preservative at different hardware and some paint stores. I am pretty sure I bought this at a big box store but everyone I talk to claims they have never seen this product. I would appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you. Marvin Colston, Waleska

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A: That particular wood preservative has been discontinued by Black Flag, which explains why it’s unfamiliar to some of the people you’ve asked. If you insist on that specific brand, you can order it through Amazon, which still has a few available. You can get a quart for $14.99 with free shipping on an order of $25 or more.

Q: Please help me find a bar soap called Dial Basics in the green package. It’s wonderful for my sensitive skin and allergies. It’s one of the few bar soaps that I can use without any problems. I would appreciate it if I could buy it locally and not have to order it. Thank you for your help in this. Wendy Smith, email.

A: I found Dial Basics HypoAllergenic in a three-pack for $1 at Dollar Tree, 2863 N Decatur Road, Decatur, 404-501-0140.

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