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Q: My husband has used English Leather stick deodorant for 40-plus years. It was no longer available through drugstores, so for the last few years I’ve have ordered it at, which closed a few months ago. I have tried all sources online with no success. I called Dana Cosmetics Corporation and was told it no longer makes it. I found that Amazon had bad reviews on some of this product, probably because it was old or not the real thing. Can you locate the original scent made in the USA or Canada? Thank you for any assistance you might offer. Cora Jean Lessard, email

A: English Leather is a men’s fragrance line by Dana, which got its start in Spain in the early 1930s before moving to Paris, and then to the U.S. during World War II. For decades, Dana was responsible for nostalgic brands that included Chantilly, British Sterling, Love cosmetics and English Leather. While the company stopped offering English Leather deodorant stick, the good news is that, as of a couple of weeks ago, it decided to bring it back. Although there’s not a specific date, I was told by a representative that customers could start looking for the deodorant stick on in a few weeks. For now, though, English Leather deodorant won’t be widely distributed, and available only through direct sales from the Dana website. As for those negative reviews, I did learn that the product had evaporation issues due to a flaw in a new dispenser design. My understanding is that the company has gone back to the original dispenser, which should solve the issue.

Q: A while back, I saw a Shark Tank episode that featured drinking vinegars. I’m not sure of the brand, but I know that it comes in several flavors and can be used in sodas and cocktails. I believe the company makes a pineapple-and-fennel combination that I’d like to find locally. Thanks. Bea Stewart, email

A: McClary Brothers handcrafts drinking vinegars, better known as shrubs, in the metro Detroit area where the company sources most of its fruits, vegetables and herbs that go into the fragrant mixers. You’ll find a variety of McClary Brothers drinking vinegars, including pineapple-and-fennel seed, lemon-ginger and Michigan beet-and-carrot, at Your DeKalb Farmers Market, 3000 E. Ponce de Leon Ave., Decatur, 404-377-6400. A 16-ounce bottle of the pineapple-and-fennel seed drinking vinegar costs $10.99.

Q: While living in San Francisco, my family enjoyed the packaged pastry by Svenhard. They make fruit Danish, butter horns and more. My favorite were the breakfast claws. I can find these in any store when I travel to San Francisco, but I’m hoping you can help me find them here in Atlanta. Rita Mayberry, Stone Mountain

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A: I remember the breakfast claws by Svenhard and used to love those, especially the soft “secret” filling. I found a variety pack of 30 individually wrapped Svenhard’s Danish for $11.98 at Sam’s Club, 1940 Mountain Industrial Blvd., Tucker, 770-908-8408. The pack includes berry, cinnamon and cheese horns, breakfast claws and raisin-ette rolls. It’s OK if you’re not a member of the warehouse club. Simply go on the website,, and look for a one-day pass, which allows you to shop in the store. Note that you’ll pay a 10-percent charge to shop as a non-member.

Q: I am having trouble finding Fruit of the Earth Skin Cooling Aloe Vera with naturals skin care lotion. It’s a white lotion in a white bottle. I had no trouble finding this until about a year ago. I find it very useful for scratches, bruises, rashes, sunburn, irritations, and just about anything else similar. Can you please help me locate a source? Arno Angulo, email

A: I have good news for you, Arno. You’ll find plenty of your lotion in stock at Bed Bath and Beyond, 1 Buckhead Loop, Atlanta, 404-869-0457. Each 4-ounce bottle of Fruit of the Earth lotion costs 99 cents, so you easily can stock up.

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